MOTHERMARY makes retro-futuristic Art Pop from the heart of New York City. Named after the mother of Christ. The ultimate symbol of religion hypocrisy & the insane expectations placed on women. “It’s the perfect example of what we expect of women. These two extremes. Have children to procreate, but don’t be sexual beings.” For Elyse & Larena, making music as MOTHERMARY is about reclaiming the narrative. “We want to rewrite the story of Mother Mary,” Larena says. “We’re tired of being put in a box.” Identical twins, Larena & Elyse grew up in Missoula, Montana, the youngest of nearly a dozen children. A family of Mormons. The sisters read scripture every morning & prayed every day. “It was our world. We were fully brainwashed.” At the same time, they had doubts. They instinctively disliked the racism, homophobia, & the sexism that made them ashamed to be women. “We were told that we were second-class to men in our church & in our family,” Larena says. “We had to be pretty, but not too pretty. We had to be pretty enough to attract a mate, but not too pretty to be sexualized.”