Nick Murphy

Melbourne-bred singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Murphy was one of the first to burst out of the SoundCloud streaming world and onto the global stage with the release of his 2014 platinum selling debut LP Built on Glass, released under the Chet Faker moniker. On the heels of that album’s success, he spent the next half decade on the road, traveling with a microphone in his suitcase, recording the first Nick Murphy LP, 2019’s Run Fast Sleep Naked, on the fly. Murphy followed that up in early 2020 with a surprise instrumental LP called Music for Silence, an exploratory ten-track collection initially released exclusively via the Calm app. The record saw wider availability in early March 2020 via Murphy’s own Detail Records — an eerily prophetic release that foreshadowed the isolation wrought by the impending Covid-19 pandemic. In late 2020, Murphy revived the Chet Faker project with the single “Low” and released the highly anticipated second Chet Faker album, Hotel Surrender, in 2021.