Thunder Jackson

Thunder Jackson has been destined for an alter ego his entire life. The Oklahoma native — whose real name is Kyle Bradley — fell in love with the art of performance at a young age, thanks to flamboyant stars like Prince and David Bowie. Oh, and his Elvis impersonator dad. “To see my dad — who is usually in, like, full dad mode, wearing Crocs and cargo shorts — step on stage, covered in rings, slicking his hair back, and wearing makeup, and pretending to be somebody, it was just incredible,” Thunder recalls. “Subconsciously, I always wanted to do it too.” The now 26-year-old has manifested that desire through Thunder Jackson, an alluring character who, as the singer himself puts it, is “constantly embracing the strange with beauty, grace and bliss.” Three years after captivating listeners with the rollicking single “Guilty Party”, Thunder released his vibrant self-titled debut album in late 2020, followed by the single “Colors” in mid-2021.